Monday, October 19, 2015

Kennedy Home in New York Visited by Cardinal Pacelli in 1936

During his visit to the U.S.A., Cardinal Pacelli made a visit here, to the family of Joe Kennedy in Bronxville, New York. 

This is where Teddy sat on his lap.  Rose later recounted she wish she had had a camera handy to take a photo, but alas no camera was on hand.

The sofa the future pope sat on is preserved today in the main Kennedy mansion at Hyannis Port, which will apparently soon be open to visitors.  When it opens I will go there and try to get a photo of the sofa where the saintly cardinal sat. 

This mansion sadly no longer exists.  A piece of history, it was sold and then torn down in 1953 to subdivide the five-and-a-half acre lot.  The address had been 294 Pondfield Road.  

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  1. Sitting on Cardinal Pacelli's lap apparently didn't have much effect on a young Ted Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy did more than any other politician, except perhaps that other "devout Catholic" Nancy Pelosi, to promote the pro abortion agenda in the United States. Millions of innocent babies have never been born thanks to Ted Kennedy and his ilk.