Saturday, October 17, 2015

Catholic Culture: Pro-Life Banquet

Have you even been to a pro-life banquet?

Probably not.  Sounds boring.

Actually, some of the most enjoyable evenings I have ever spent have been at pro-life events.

My first was the HLI International Conf, held in Minneapolis in 1997.   

Get to a national or state/provincial pro-life conference and/or banquet.  The life-affirming talks will blow you away.

This was the 21st annual fundraising banquet for Advokate.  A great turn out.  Lots of young professionals, student ambassadors, clergy, and others.

The fabulous keynote was delivered by Hollywood film producer, Mr. Jason Jones.  He is a pro-life author, activist and notable human rights activist.  His films include Bella, Crescendo, and the Stoning of Soraya M.  His talk was inspiring in the first degree.      

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