Thursday, June 25, 2015

Visiting the Home of Pope Benedict in the Vatican Gardens

Just stopping by to say hello to an old friend.

If there is one thing Joe Ratzinger taught me, it was love for orthodoxy.  There is nothing more intoxicating than truth.  Nothing more sinister than heresy. 

Secondly, the orchestral masterworks of Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart, Schubert and the others.  Papa Ratzinger grew up with these orchestral Masses.  We share this much in common.  By God's grace, I, too, grew up with this same musical tradition at the church of St. Agnes in St. Paul, Minnesota.

To hear these Masses, sung in their original context, in the Solemn Latin High Mass of the Roman Rite, is the closest thing to heaven.  It can stir the most hardened of hearts and make converts.  It is the highest form of artistry known to man.  

Pray for a revival of these orchestral Masses - in the context of the sung Roman rite.  Begin to familiarize your kids with these works of art:

Joseph Haydn, Kleine Orgellsolomesse, Paukenmesse, Nikolaimesse, Nelsonmesse, Harmoniemesse, Heiligmesse, Mariazellermesse, Theresienmesse, Franz Schubert, Mass in A-Flat, Mass in B-Flat, W.A. Mozart, Requiem Mass, K 626, Piccolomini Mass, K 258, Coronation Mass, K 317, Missa Brevis in D, K 194, Mass in C, K 337, Franz Schubert, Mass in B-flat, Mass in G, Mass in C, Mass in G, Ludwig van Beethoven, Mass in C, Charles Gounod, Messe Solennelle (Saint Cecilia), Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Mass in B-Flat, Joseph Rheinberger, Mass in C, Op. 169, Anton Dvorak, Mass in D, Heinrich von Herzogenberg, Messe in E, Op. 87, etc.

It is being done:


  1. John, fortunately these masterpieces are all still the major part of the staple diet of liturgical music in Southern Germany especially Munich and in Austria and especially Salzburg. I have been a soloist for over 20 years in Salzburg Cathedral and it is the most fulfilling part of my career to have the honour of singing there within the liturgy and in concert. I have seen what is happening in St. Agnes in St. Paul, Minnesota. That is wonderful. Best regards from Munich.

  2. How do you get access to these locals!!!!!

  3. One of my personal favorites by Haydn is Missa Brevis Sancti Joannis de Deo.