Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pilgrimage Destination: Shrine of La Salette

Do not miss out.  This is a great place to visit.  Our pilgrimage to this region has been spectacular.

In the final photo the faithful gather at the apparition site. 

Just above, a statue of St. Philomena (the French have had great devotion to her, as did St. John Vianney). 

The well of La Salette, bringing fresh water from mountain streams to the faithful who hike the trails above the shrine. 

The Stations of the Cross, the Cemetery, the Shrine Chapel. 

An approved site of Marian apparitions.  If you have never been here, consider making a visit.   

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  1. It is beyond me why people promote AND VISIT false apparition sites (ie Medjugorje) without ever having been to these approved sites!!