Monday, June 8, 2015

Rome Quotes

"The unfolding of the liturgical year as a whole is also an expression of wakefulness and vigilance.  Here we find repeated on a larger scale what the liturgical day represents on a smaller one.  We watch before God by keeping in mind the great fact of salvation - full of unchanging significance - as well as the magnalia Dei, and by participating in the sublime rhythm of the liturgical year.  The liturgical days do not concern themselves with the crowding events in the limited daily lives of individuals, communities, or states; they are wholly preoccupied with the consciousness of the magnalia Dei.  The great deeds of God determine the days and the sections of time in the Liturgy.  What a state of wakefulness is implied by this!  This is indeed a victorious drive, a breaking through all the strata of earthly events clustering around us: the misery of individuals and peoples, the entanglements of states and families, as well as the temporal destiny of the Church.  It is a drive toward supernatural reality."

-Dietrich von Hildebrand

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