Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rome Quotes

"One of the reasons why I believe we have been failing lately is because since the Vatican Council, we went into the world and the world also came into the Church. This has created a tremendous problem as to how the Church is related to the world.  The answer is quite clear in the Gospels, but we have not altogether followed it. The first word of Our Lord’s public life was 'Come.' 'Come to me, learn, absorb.' The last word of Our Lord’s public life was, 'Go.' 'Go into the world.'
First, we become completely absorbed with Him. Then he may send us on a mission. But today, since the Vatican Council, we’re the Church made up only of 'go, goes' without any 'come, comes.' We’re losing our faith, and our fire, and our zeal."

-Archbishop Sheen 

Source: http://thomasaquinas.edu/sheen

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