Monday, November 25, 2013

Obama's War on the Christian Religion


  1. Little by little. An old Marxist strategy. Keeping it back page news.

  2. So this administration downgrades our Vatican embassy, citing
    "security concerns". As I recall, our consulate in Benghazi
    BEGGED for increased security and was ignored-- and when
    it was attacked by terrorists, this administration didn't lift a finger
    to rescue our people there. Over a year later, and this admin-
    istration still hasn't done what any responsible executive would
    do and launch a full investigation into how our security could have
    failed so utterly. Clearly, embassy security isn't that high a priority
    for this president.

    This downgrade of our embassy to the Holy See isn't about
    security. It's about this president wanting to express his
    contempt for the Church. What a dangerous, petty little man.