Monday, November 4, 2013

Catholic Culture: Halloween Party (All Saints Eve Party)

This is how it's done, seen in Vancouver, Canada.  Try this at your parish, too. 

Lots of families and kids.  Good food.  Nice to chat with the clergy.  Some really great costumes.  Nice games and candies for the kids.  Everyone had a great time.  

Always teach your kids about the Feast of All Saints, November 1.  The Church in Her wisdom commemorates on this day all the Saints in heaven and thus honors also those who are unknown and who have no public recognition in the Liturgy. 

An "All Saints Eve" Party is a great idea and it works. 

May God be praised for initiatives such as this.  The Faith is being preserved and handed on to the next generation.     


  1. please try to understand that your culture is not the same as Catholic Culture. no matter how respectable Anglo-Saxon cuture might be, the Church is diverse in it's folklore! Furthermore, a thing doesn't become ipso facto part of Chatolic Culture just because you happen to like it!

  2. An easy avenue to teach kids about saints.

  3. Anonymous@7:52AM, I'm not quite sure how advocating the idea of a parish
    All Saints Eve party is exclusively "Anglo-Saxon". It seems to me that such
    a party, tied to what is after all a universally celebrated feast day, could be held
    anywhere, in any culture-- and still be a way to strengthen our Catholic culture.

    It seems to me, Anonymous, that you are looking to take offense where any
    person of goodwill can see none was intended.