Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2013 Annual Canadian Pro-Life Conference: Hosted on Prince Edward Island

A huge success.

Usual media blackout.  

Concerned citizens came from across Canada.

Lots of youth and fresh faces.  Speakers came from across North America. 

Prince Edward Island is the only place free from abortion in Canada.

The 2014 conference will be held in Vancouver.


See you there!


  1. Who are you to judge? Stop obsessing over that issue with those conferences - everyone knows where you stand on those issues as a son of the Church. Your time would be better spent helping a young person find a job or visiting an old person to cheer them up.

    1. Um, yes, because a young person getting a job or an old person getting cheered up is so much more important than babies being torn limb from limb inside their mothers womb.