Sunday, November 3, 2013

New FSSP Parish In Minneapolis (USA)

A real treat to have made a visit here last October.

Located in the old historic Catholic neighborhood of Nordeast Minneapolis.

A lovely structure located in a convenient residential neighborhood.

Constructed in the 1930s by Polish faithful, you can even see in the bottom photo a carved stone grotesque of Joseph Stalin. 

Many thanks to the two cousins who helped to gift us with this treasure: Frs. John Berg and Peter Laird.

You can see their new site here.

And read a nice article here.   

And see you at Nye's Polonaise Room for lunch. 


  1. In a world of disenchantment and despair the Extraordinary Form brings all the weight of its understanding and compassion to help Catholics of all ages meet the pressing challenges of prayer.

  2. I love the pastor, Fr. Peter Bauknecht. He was at our parish for a while, and I miss him a lot.