Sunday, April 14, 2013

What the Koukoulion Looks Like

Consistory of 1965.

Koukoulion seen on Ukranian prelate Josyf Cardinal Slipyj.

Thanks, Alexander! 


  1. Wonderful Picture!
    More about the Koukoulion HERE.

  2. Well, I'll be damned. It's a Patriarchal-Cardinatial koukoulion. There are few prelatial paraments that I was not aware of, but this is definitely one of them. Thanks!

  3. This "koukoulion" worn by Cardinal Slipyi was, as were most of his haberdashery, his own odd creation -- creations which were a latinized version of things eastern meant (here) to stress that he was in addition to everything else, actually a cardinal (a Roman, western office). In the photo please note the Melkite Patriarch to the left who avoided being created a cardinal since it was foreign to his tradition. Slipyi certainly made a point at every opportunity to load himself down with all his glittering accoutrements to the visible amusement of the other cardinals in so many, many photos. The koukoulion is historically either white or black. This red one does not seem to have caught on. .

    1. You are incorrect. Melkite Patriarch Maximos IV Sayegh (who is shown in the photo) was indeed created a cardinal at the same consistory.

  4. This photograph testifies to the liturgical confusion following Vatican II. Before the Council, rubrics for a Cardinal [or bishop] direct him NOT to use of biretta when fully vested for Mass. For him, it is a part of choir dress.

    It is, therefore, so strange to see these Cardinals vested for Mass, [including the maniples which were soon to go by the wayside], and wearing birettas.

    Photos from 1965 show "liturgy in transition"... Transition into "what", however, was to be the problem.