Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Catholic Film: 11 Settembre 1683

The siege of Vienna.

Islam at the gates.

Europe asleep.   

September 11...1683.

Sound familiar?

Then came the Poles.  

See the trailer in English:


  1. That´s just... WOW!
    Thank you very much for the trailer!
    Linked it on my blog:

  2. It looks like a most excellent movie (apart from the anachronism of having F. Murray Abraham holding the pastoral staff of Paul VI).

  3. If faithful to the historical truths of the events, it will be a welcomed thing. One fact that already stands out as that, perhaps, not being the case: the presence of the "deformed ferula of Paul VI".

  4. now the battle is no different. time to kick the mohammedans out.

  5. For sure one of the proudest moments in the history of Christendom.