Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Victim of the Sword of Islam

At Cordova in Spain, the holy martyr Perfectus the Priest, who was killed by the Moors for holding forth against the Mahomedan religion. The place of his death, which was in the year 850, is still called the Field of Truth.

Quartodecimo Kalendas Maii. Luna septima. Cordubae in Hispania, sancti Perfecti, presbyteri et Martyris, qui a Mauris, eo quod inueheretur in Mahumetis sectam et firmiter Christi fidem profiteretur, gladio trucidatus est.

Thanks, Rodolfo.

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  1. I wonder if St. Perfectus had simply kissed the Koran, ala Blessed JPII the Great, would he have been martyred? After all, countless Roman martyrs went to their deaths for only refusing to toss a few grains of incense onto the coals to honor Caesar. Of course back then they weren't as enlightened as we are today.