Wednesday, April 10, 2013

HERO: One of the Greatest Living Legends in the Face of Modern Evil - Fr. Leon Stepnia (RIP 1913-2013)

In 2005, while in Munich,  yours truly had the opportunity to take a day trip from the city to see the countryside.  I opted to see Dachau.  It was one of the most moving experiences of my life.

Munich was really the capital of Nazism; it was born there.  Just outside of the city, was Dachau, where they sent the priests.  There was even a bishop there.  Located in Catholic Bavaria, the devil always knows how to do it.  But God wins, not the devil.

This man is my hero and there should be a bronze statue of him at Dachau for everyone to see.  

This priest was in the concentration camp of Dachau for five years and he lived to tell about it.  He was, by the grace of God, a survivor.   Now he has passed on to his reward.

Be inspired.  And tell your kids about him. 

Read his story here:


  1. You obviously don't know anything about german history. Munich was called "Hauptstadt der Bewegung" because of the - Dachau was a special place for Hitler. It was one of the first concentration camps and he did send there priests and religious from 1933 on. Catholic Munich / Bavaria really was not the capitol of Nationalsocialism! You may look at the votes of 1933. Good to tell the story of the old martyr, bad to tell stories, sorry!