Monday, August 27, 2012

What the Fisherman's Ring Looks Like


  1. Funny, one would expect it to look more grand.

  2. Pope Ratzinger seems to make use of the Fisherman's Ring all the time. This ring is not that ornate since, traditionally, it was used to seal Papal Briefs.

    In the past, the Fisherman's Ring was placed on the newly elected Pope's finger as soon as he accepted the Office; then, it was immediately sent to have his new name engraved upon it. The Master of the Chamber was entitled to keep this ring, which the Pope's private seal; the Secretariate of State having a duplicate of it, so that the ring kept by the Master of the Chamber was seldom used. Upon the Pope's death, it was solemnly broken.

    The Pope's ordinary ring would have been adorned with a cameo or carved gem.
    - Donnacha