Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bring Back the "Tester" of the Sistine Chapel

Would be nice to see the Sistine Chapel utilized once again as a liturgical space. With the Cappella Papale. On occasion. No harm in that. Very sad to see just the annual baptisms there (which ought to be done in St. Peter's anyways).


  1. While I normally agree with you, the tester was not always used in the sistine Chapel and I think it very much obscures one of the greatest liturgical paintings ever. The crucifix was meant to be seen against that painting and it all makes sense with it. I like the tester- bring it back where it belongs--in the basilica. None the less many thanks for all the inspiring photos and visual Catholicism you bring to us.

  2. It worked well with the Christmas tapestry as seen. Obviously for the Christmas season.