Friday, August 10, 2012

Bring Back the Altar Cards of the Pietà of St. Peter's Basilica

A poverty that Holy Mass is no longer celebrated on this altar.

Monsignor Richard Schuler once shared that a great joy of his life was the honor to have celebrated Holy Mass here, on this very same altar.

If they are still so darn scared that some crazy will vandalize the statue again, then they might consider placing here on guard Stefano, the shortest and laziest of the St. Peter custodians, to stand guard each day after his morning janitorial duties.


  1. Too bad the altar was tampered with under Paul VI (pulled out from the wall).

  2. I actually think I know where these Altar cards have been placed: I saw them nearly two hours ago, at the Domus Inyernationalis Paulus VI, while I was visiting Cardinal Baldelli, my great uncle.

    Federico Baldelli Purrone

  3. I actually think I know where these Altar cards are: I saw them just two hours ago, in the Domus Internationalis Paulus VI when I was visiting my great uncle, Cardinal Baldelli.

    I considered them to be quite nice Altar cards, but I knew not they were these Altar cards!