Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vote Obama Out

Obama is the slave of his own growing megalomania. Vote him out.


  1. Prez Obama has defiantly hoisted the skull and crossbones of the pirate and appeared under his true colors as an unprincipled anti-Catholic bigot. First Catholics must be reduced to a necessary state of vassalage because they will not approve of his unprincipled power politics and socialist dominion.

  2. When Obama loses he will have the "fury like a woman scorned"! LOL

  3. I predict he will indeed be voted out. I also predict that he will lose with little
    grace. Oh, and he's going to issue a flurry of presidential pardons for cronies
    like John Corzine between November and January.. It will not be the prettiest chapter
    in our history, but it won't be as ugly as it would be if that man were re-elected.

  4. Obama is not only anti-Catholic -- he is against orthodox Christianity. In other words, he is against Catholic Christianity, Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Evangelical Protestant Christianity. I am not a fan of Watchman Nee, who claimed that there should be no denomination. But for God's sake, American Christians, stand united and vote Obama out!