Friday, July 20, 2012

Rise of Islam

White Europe has chosen for itself extinction.

Condoms, abortion, sterilization, infanticide, vasectomies, tubes tied, homosexuality, no kids, no marriage, no faith, no religion. We have chosen any and every alternative to Christianity. Americans are to blame, too.

Modern and contemporary philosophies have rocked Europe to the core.

Now is a time for restoration.

Return to the Catholic Faith.

It is our last hope.

The Church is Jesus Christ.


  1. Europe was foredoomed by the Protestant Reformation.

  2. First Protestant, then secular and now Muslim Anschluss. Europeans little realize their land is occupied territory. National individuality is out. True the die of the fate of Europe had in fact been cast at the Reformation. Christendom is crashing to final extinction. Belgian authorities insist on the impossibility of any other course being followed than that which has been taken. Maybe the Reformation was the perfect subterfuge. Not news. Europe has abjured the faith. A bomb that will surely burst in Belgium's hand for sure. Islam has never been equable or conciliatory. Of course the plan is gradually to undermine the Christian position, to procure its overthrow, and to secure its aims comparatively peacefully and less objectionably by means of a pro-Muslim Government. Does any one person think these Muslims are at heart loyal servants of the crown of Beligum with no intention of lending themselves to such a maneuver? However clear the Islamic mind may be to its ultimate ends, the decision as to the means for achieving it always depends upon the development of events. Allah willing, hard evidence like this, a useful lesson, can act as curtain raiser for possible subsequent forcible action. Sudeten crisis ring a bell? Hitler marching into Austria? Czechoslovakia? Reoccupation of the Rhineland? Verbal protests without the resolute intention to use force if disregarded will always mean nothing. The enemy is already on the march. Muslims have the habit of making those Christians who lay in their power, in this case the Arab Christians, pay for the resentment provoked by those who are fortunate enough to live outside their jurisdiction. Nothing in fact can save Belgium or even restore her to independent existence except a resort by the Western Powers (E.U.) to revoking citizenship and exportation of the accused fanatic Muslims.

  3. Islam is a politico-ideological poison. It is impolitic to say the too obvious, isn't it? Islamic immigrants in Europe have been brusquely refusing "integration" from the start. Why? Newsflash - Because they are different. The problem is that Anglo-Saxons are nice and amenable (=Christian). AND KNOW NOTHING OF THE LESSONS OF HISTORY. Indifference amounts to tolerance, amounts to approval. Is there a streak of sadism in the Koran? Europeans must not admit of any accretion of territory for a defeated but always potentially dangerous foreign religion. Moving in and taking over has been the keynote of Islamic policy in Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, and everywhere. They willingly follow whither the money is. Secularism has maintained its ascendance over the European people. Europeans always acquiescence. The have always appeased dictators. The rooted aversion to the Christian faith runs too deep. Islamic immigrants cannot be coerced into "integrating." European public opinion, just like in any other nation, ultimately determines the character of their foreign policy. Europeans have put the highest premium on "openness" and "diversity" making them grist for the mill. Already stab city, Brussels is the most dangerous European capital. However anathematic this principle may be to Europeans, these anti-European immigrants should be expelled in the name of Allah and national security. Say this and you will incur from them the appellation of Nazi, but it is true. The Muslims seek what Hitler sought: Lebensraum (space for development). EUROPEANS DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT THIS ACCOMPLISHED FACT.