Saturday, July 21, 2012

From College Student to Pope


  1. Nominativus in Polish is "Magister Teologii" :)

  2. If it can help you, the first one, "Świadectwo dojrzałości" is the diploma of "Maturity Exam" that we pass after the secondary school. This diploma allow us to start the univerity studies. On the diploma of futur John Paul II it is marked that he was the Roman-Catholic profession (the communist regime abbandoned the mention of religion on the official papers). On the five matters mentioned on the diploma, Karol Wojtyła received the note - "very good" (the exams of "religion", "polish", "latin", "greek" and "german").

    The second one, as you have well marked, is his MA of Theology diploma. He had 8 "excellent" notes and 2 "very good". For his thesis he received "very good". In general, in Poland the theological studies finishes with the MA accorded by the State. In the Church discipline it is the canonical Baccalaureate.