Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kvetched Comments Left on Catholic Blogs

We see a lot of this.

Many are deleted, some are not.

Chronic whining, complaining, or bitching.

About everything under the sun: popes living or deceased, Vatican II, etc.

We need to keep positive.

And to have a sense of humor.

Be filled with the Holy Ghost.

It is in poor taste to speak ill of popes. Or to dither about what councils you like or do not like.

Pax vobis.


  1. Quite right. I can only imagine what some bloggers encounter in
    the way of comments on their sites.

    We all need to practice 'custody of the keyboard', and leave the crazy
    and the obscene and the negative to the militant atheists and the
    moral relativists. In a way, it's all they've got.

  2. What line is there between speaking ill of popes and pointing out the errors in judgment that they make?

    -Thomas Dubites

  3. Amen. God chooses Who He wills. If He thought the critics could have done a better job, He would have chosen them. Humility and obedience are the the virtues that lead to sanctity.