Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What the Griccia Cotta Looks Like


  1. I'm hoping that someday Monsignor Marini will wear one of these. He already wears a very traddie surplice with long lace skirts and sleeves, with an open neck secured with a very traddie golden clasp thing. Oh, and his surplices almost always have lots of pleats!

  2. There's not much point in a COMMENTS section of you are only brave enough to publish those with similar views to your own!

  3. The first image shows MC Dante [here, a Bishop] wearing a cotta over the rochet, which was a requirement when a prelate served the Pope at the altar. In fact, even Archbishops and Bishops who happened to be in Rome on Holy Thursday and received Holy Communion from the Pope had to, for that occasion, wear the cotta over the rochet.
    Nota Bene: Monsignors [Domestic Prelates], who were entitled to wear the rochet, when administering the Sacraments/sacramentals, were to put the cotta over the rochet, and the stole over the cotta. Only Cardinals and Bishops were allowed to place the stole directly over the rochet.

  4. This Cotta is only used for really solemn feasts and on extremely rare occasions. I've seen priests using it only once.

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  6. Does anyone still make them?