Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Loris Capovilla in Mantellone

Just this afternoon yours truly received in the mail a nice letter from Loris Capovilla, the monsignor pictured here wearing the mantellone in 1963. A nice guy. He was the secretary of Pope John XXIII. In Italy he is sometimes interviewed on TV and it's always a pleasure to hear his perspective as he was an eyewitness to history, in the very front row between '58 - '63.


  1. Cardinale subito!

  2. bring back the manteletta for protonotaries and prelates of honor

  3. Did you also notice in that photo that the prelate sitting in the second seat to the right of the narrow aisle of steps is John Cody (later a Cardinal). The prelate sitting second seat on the right of that same aisle in the last full row visible at the top of the photo is Archbishop Karol Wojtyla, later Blessed John Paul II !