Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bring Back the Prelates di Mantellone

They caused an aura that enhanced the mystery of the Vatican with their always visible flashes of color at Vatican ceremonies as they darted about on papal business with their bands and facings flapping in the wind. Too bad so much was done away with in the 1960s. The last time they were seen was in 1969. E allora? Torniamo subito!


  1. Are they wearing the crocia?

  2. JP,

    A blessed Easter season to you and yours! Congratulations as well on your first child!

    May I ask to have some more info about these prelates, their habit,and their duties?

    Thanks again and keep it up!


  3. Yes, indeed, these prelates are wearing the crocia. The prelates di mantellone wear these only at official ceremonies in the Vatican. It is obviously summer, since the upper cape is replaced with red silk instead of the winter's ermine one.

  4. See, I think this practice here would be a nice "compromise" on the use of the tiara: have someone carry it around in front of the pope if he doesn't wish to put it on. Just as it was carried before in contexts where the pope didn't wear it (I *think* that these are scenes from pontifical Masses, during which the tiara and mitre were placed on the altar, but I'm no expert).