Friday, February 10, 2012

The God Old Days in St. Peter's Basilica

Wow, check out this glorious Requiem, on an elevated floor, in the Vatican Baisilica.


  1. Pontifical Requiem Mass being offered in the presence of the Pope. One can see, seated at the epistle side of the altar, a bishop, in white mitre, on the faldstool. The Pope, in cope and mitre, is at the throne. For whom was this Mass? I would think it must have been for a high-ranking prelate or Catholic head of state.

  2. First, thank you John for this excellent blog! Concerning this post, I do not think this is a portable Altar at the Chair. It is the permanent Altar that was there until it was moved and then completely removed during the Pontificates of Paul VI and John Paul II. There is mourning drapery behind it, i.e. in front of the Chair itself but the Altar, I believe, is the permanent one that stood there before its destruction.

  3. Actually, this is neither the old permanent altar of the chair nor a portable one because this photo isn't of the apse at St. Peter's. This is a photo of the funeral of a cardinal. Prior to the changes in the liturgy cardinals' funerals in St. Peter's were always celebrated in the north transept of the basilica. A special floor was constructed and an altar set up in front of the large black cloth. In the apse of the basilica where the altar of the chair is located the two niches flanking the altar are surmounted by the coats of arms of the popes whose tombs they contain. In addition, the rays of light that Bernini included in the elaborate altarpiece in the apse are visible well beyond that altarpiece extending over the pilasters and practically to the side niches. As you can see from this photo there are no rays visible poking from behind the black cloth and the niche next to the papal throne has no coat of arms above it. This is a photo of a cardinals' funeral in the NORTH TRANSEPT not the apse of the basilica.

  4. The question that I keep asking and to which no one can give an answer is: Why will not His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI merely preside in choro at a Pontifical Solemn High Mass (TLM)?

  5. Can somebody explains the picture? Thanks.

  6. "The question that I keep asking and to which no one can give an answer is: Why will not His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI merely preside in choro at a Pontifical Solemn High Mass (TLM)?"

    Because he is too afraid of the liberals. They are almost gone, though from the Vatican Curia. Sodano (the worst of all and the most corrupt) is nearing 85, Cardinals Re,78, Arinze,79, Martino,79, Bertone,77, Kasper,nearly 79 are practically gone from influence. Bertone should be sacked...he is facing monumental criticism of his running of the Vatican. Archbishop Piero Marini,70 is also nearing the exit mode.
    Once these men are gone, the Pope may either preside or celetabte the Tridentine Latin Mass. UNtil then, he is too afraid of their backlash.
    At this time, when the Vatican is under such criticism for its leaks and scandals...mostly caused by Cardinal Bertone's ineptitude and dissenting agenda, we should launch a petition for the Pope to remove both SODANO from the post of Dean of the College of Cardinals, and sack Bertone as Secretary of State.
    He can take up the post as Master of Novices for the Italian Salesian provinces.....all 3 of them LOL!!

  7. Filipino CatholicMarch 22, 2012 at 2:14 AM

    That's... a lot of candles.... Why so many candles? Also, whose funeral is this?