Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cardinals Pacelli and Schuster

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  1. By this photo of Schuster we see that, previous to Paul VI's tampering, bishops and cardinals who were members of religious orders [not congregations or societies], if they did not continue to wear their habit, which the old Common Law the Church allowed, their cassocks were, usually, the colour of their habits. This was a wonderful thing to see.
    For example, these cassocks would be:
    -Orders of St. Basil, of Vallombrosa, Canons Regular of St. Augustine wear entirely black;
    -Order of St. Benedict wear entirely black with red lining and trimming;
    -Carthusians, Camaldules, Norbertines, Trinitarians wear entirely white;
    -Cistercians and Trappists wear white, but the mozzetta, mantelletta are black;
    -Dominicans wear all white, but the trimmings, linings and buttons are black;
    -Franciscans, except OFM Caps who keep brown, wear ash-grey;
    -Carmelites, the most complex: cassock and fascia are brown; the mozzetta, mantelletta, and cappa are white. Their cardinals have the privilege to wear this lined and trimmed in purple, with purple fascia.
    Some colour photos from Vatican II show what religious prelates looked like. What an horror to take this away!