Friday, February 10, 2012

Bring Back the Old Ceremony for the Creation of Cardinals

Simply gorgeous.

In public consistory this was one of the final ceremonies - when the newly created cardinali lay prostrate in front of the altar of the chair in the Vatican Basilica and covered with the cappa magna in an act of penace.

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  1. I second that request. Bring back the preconciliar ceremony of creation of new cardinals!


    By the way, the following is a link to the document “Modifications to the Rite approved by Benedict XVI – A Consistory between Tradition and Innovation”, a Note (published in Italian only) by the office of Papal Liturgical Celebrations that describes the changes made by Pope Benedict XVI to the ceremony of the ordinary public consistory for creating cardinals (today’s consistory was the first consistory to be held using the revised rite). The document also gives historical perspective on the several changes that the ceremonies have underwent since before the Second Vatican Council.