Friday, May 13, 2011

Third Rome Summorum Pontificum Conference Draws Large Numbers

Today began the 3rd Summorum Pontificum Conference held in Rome. His Excellency Athanasius Schneider sang Pontifical Vespers at the Rome FSSP parish of the Most Holy Trinity. Lots of clergy and lay faithful alike have come from across the globe to join in the three day conference. It was a wonderful beginning of a great conference which gets better and better each year. Rejoice!


  1. Athanasius Schneider is a vey prominent hierarch. Hopefully, he will be raised to the rank of a cardinal at the next consistory

  2. Wow ! and they are all there for the release of the instruction.

    I don't thnk I can handle much more of this good news !
    It is like hearing that the war is over !

  3. Is the Mass from S. Peter's going to be televised?

  4. The Cardinal's little booklet "Dominus Est-It is the Lord" in just right to carry in my purse and read snippets at will.
    You treasured son who gets to meet the Saints.
    much love

  5. oops
    not a Cardinal-yet