Monday, May 30, 2011

Choir of Rome's Venerable English College


  1. Wonderful seminarians. Don't they wear a purple colored cassock though (National Colleges in Rome used to).

    I wish the German/Teutonic College in Rome would restore the scarlet red cassocks for their seminarians. That is if they have any left! : )

  2. The Venerable English College didn't wear purple; that was the Scots College. The English wore black; the distinctive thing was the soprano over the cassock (a loose garment, not a singer!) and the clerical hat with strings which could be pulled to turn it into a tricorn hat. More particularly, this is a rare picture which shows the students in clerical dress. It looks as if they are in the Chiesa Nuova, which, on the feast of St Philip, is (I gather) one of the few occasions they are permitted to wear it.