Monday, May 30, 2011

Convents Along Rome Seashore

This seaside villa is owned by the Congregazione delle Ospedaliere dette Sorelle della Misericoria (located at 188 Via Aurelia in resort town of Santa Marinella, northwest of Rome).  The sisters have not used this property in years.  Would be nice to see some fine new order get their hands on it.  Would make a great FSSP HQ.  Just a thirty minute drive from Rome's international airport.

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  1. ...Or it could make a great house for lay students from Rome's pontifical universities who would like to have a Catholic community life as they complete their studies!!

    It seems that most of the pontifical universities are set up to only hold class for half of the day - so that the seminarians and nuns who attend can spend the other half involved in human formation, community life and service within their respective communities. Most lay students don't have this experience of Catholic community life in Rome, and it's something that's really needed. The Lay Centre has a wonderful program, but next year it will cost 790 euro/month to stay there (so I'm told). Is there any way we can get some type of (affordable) Catholic lay household for women - and another for men - where a communal prayer life is fostered?