Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tiara Above the Head of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (1982-2005)

When you enter the palace of the former flat of Cardinal Ratzinger near the Vatican this is what you see above your head inside the main entrance. 

Thousands of times and year after year he crossed under this tiara from January 1982 when he became Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith until 2005 when he was elected Supreme Shepherd of the Universal Church. 


  1. Now if the Holy Father can wear the tiara, we can only pray.
    God bless

    Cruise the Groove.

  2. The Tiara was ALMOST right on top of his head more so then than now. Oh how many the Catholic Faithful miss seeing the symbol of the Papacy. Unfortunately now, to talk with this generation they think that when a former Pope gave away the Tiara he also laid down his rights to govern the Church in the way he knows best, guided by the Holy Ghost. The "giving away" symbolisnm went much further than what Pope Paul Vi thought or intentioned. This is the sad consequence of his act. Only a return to its' occasional use will restore the correct interpretation of his gesture.