Saturday, July 10, 2010

The New Religious Orders

It is a new springtime.

Lots of great new orders now seen in Rome and the Vatican.


  1. Yes, there are very many dozens of new Orders in Rome and the Vatican today. Some represent small new Orders, others are suprisingly large. It is amazing how fast the traditional new Orders (for the most part), are growing.
    This particular group of new Sisters I think has their origin in Poland...though I may be wrong.
    There are several new Orders in Italy.
    There are dozens of new Orders...all France. There are even some new Orders in the USA.

    The interesting thing about new Orders however, is that if they don't have a concrete apostolic work but instead are rather nebulous as to what they actually matter what pretty habits they wear, they won't grow. Many USA groups of new religious fall into this group, unfortunatly.

    Also, new Orders which adopt a Vatican II style habit...have made a fatal mistake too. They won't grow. Nor will new Orders which wear the old habits, live strict lives, but don't allow for the Tridentine Latin Mass of the use of Latin at all.

    Then we have all the "Vatican II" liberal Orders, which are dying out so rapidly, that the Pope's investigation into USA liberal Orders of nuns seems almost a wasted exercise, because these communities will die out in a few years on their Papal attempts at resuccitation will help.

    Sad thing.

  2. dear john how difficult is it to get tickets for the papal audience and be presented at the end ive only been in the general crowd but have seen those seated by the holy father going forward to greet him any advice

  3. excuse me, this is a new order... but what is its name?

  4. "It is a new springtime."

    Yes it is. Laudetur Iesus Christus!

  5. Anon on july 10,10 why so negative/hostile. It is up to the Holy Spirit to decide who will or will not succeed Not You