Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chalice of Don Bosco



  1. I was there some weeks ago!! :)

  2. Sad what has become of his beloved Orders, the Salesian priests and brothers, and the Daughters of Mary, Help of Christians.

    The one, the priests and brothers are for the most part radical liberals both liturgically and the style of the Jesuits.

    The Daughters of Mary, Help of Christians were one of the last truely huge Orders of sisters in the Church to give up the old habit (1980), in favor of a short dress....and in some places now layclothes. They have declined swiftly since.

    The Salesian Order of priests and brothers, though still having 15,600 as dead as can be. Less than 50 novices for the whole of Europe, and only 2 in Italy!!

    Huges declines for both Orders, only since Vatican II of course.