Thursday, July 22, 2010

Islam in the Vatican

Photo taken today in St. Peter's Square.

Christopher Columbus called it the "sect of Mahomet."  He was not a big fan.

Meanwhile we have killed our own future with contraception and abortion and now the easy and cheap remedy is immigration of Third World whomever.

Make abortion illegal and save what's left of our civilization before it is too late.


  1. If St. Pius V could see this picture, he would think that the Muslims won.

  2. I would respectfull remind that many of the "Third World whomevers" are also Roman Catholics, especially Latin American immigrants from Ecuador and Peru, who are so numerous in Rome in particular. I would agree that it is lamentable to see the Italy de-populating itself, but at least many of the Roman Catholic "whomevers" are able to fill the churches (somewhat) which younger Italians no longer do, and by and large are also able to learn Italian.

  3. I suggest a mass exodus of Catholics from the New World to return to the lands of their ancestors in order to stave off this "cultural trend".

  4. "I would respectfull remind that many of the "Third World whomevers" are also Roman Catholics"

    But it is a fact that the masses of immmigrants, ofhen illegally entering italian soil, originate from mohammedan terretories. In 1990 it was unthinkable to see in Naples, rome or elsewere such mohammedans en masse. Today some quarters of Padua and Milan are populated exclusively by this enemies of the cross of christ.

  5. A mortal threat to what is left of Christendom.

  6. This new immigration brings in a lack of ballast. They take every element of culture for surety and are found precipitating war against Jews and Christians at every turn for over a thousand years.