Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Best Water in the World: Chateldon

Châteldon is a medieval village in France, located near Vichy.

Châteldon is known for its naturally carbonated mineral water, the first mineral water in France  transported by bottles to the Court of Louis XIV at Versailles, after the first doctor of the king praised the virtues of Châteldon water to King Louis XIV in 1650.

The water worked, the Sun King ruled for 72 years, the longest ever in European history!

The availability of the water on a menu is the true mark of distinction in France.  It is known for its diuretic and digestive properties, rich in potassium, sodium and fluorine, available at the best hotels and restaurants, and in delicatessens.

Thank you, Fr. Barker, for explaining to us this fine treasure! 

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