Monday, October 30, 2017

Announcing Walsingham 2019 Pilgrimage

We are putting together a fabulous group pilgrimage tour to the famous Walsingham, traditionally the second most visited pilgrimage site in England after Canterbury.  We were just there and it was amazing!  Stay tuned for details!


  1. The Latin Mass Society organises a walking pilgrimage to Walsingham every year. It takes place over the last weekend of August, gathering at Ely on the Thursday evening. The 57 miles are walked over the Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning, arriving in time for Mass in Walsingham on the Sunday afternoon. Those who prefer not to walk can go straight to Walsingham. Information and videos of previous pilgrimages can be found on the internet.

  2. It was also one of the great pilgrimages of medieval Christendom