Monday, October 30, 2017

Announcing: Dr. Dietrich Von Hildebrand's Ultimate Catholic Tour of Italy in 2019

Mark your calendars.  We have decided to re-create Dr. Dietrich von Hildebrand's 1957 "ITALY, THE BLESSED LAND OF BEAUTY" studytour of Catholic Culture.  Stay tuned for details. 

The original price tag was $987.00, which in those days included tourist class passage on an ocean liner and first class rail with sleeper.  Tips to boat stewards were extra cost.  

This is a fabulous tour that includes a tremendous breath of art and history.  Do not miss out.  Details will be forthcoming.   

In Dr. Dietrich von Hildebrand's own words: "This year our trip to Europe will be concentrated on Italy, with special stress on Sicily.  It should give us the opportunity to dwell in this blessed land of transfigured beauty in a more contemplative way.  The emphasis will be put NOT on seeing MUCH, but on seeing the most important things in a way that they leave a lasting imprint on our souls.  We want to breathe the sublime atmosphere of Italy - this country formed by two thousands years of Catholic culture- drink its unique personality, taste its matchless poetical world which is at the same time endowed with a holy sobriety.  Instead of rushing from one sight to the next, we shall live hours of recollection in the unique landscapes of Tuscany, in the streets of Assisi which speak so eloquently of St. Francis; we shall let ourselves be inspired by Rome - the Eternal City, the pulsating heart of the Holy Church.  I invite only those to whom this approach appeals.  I welcome into our friendly group all who come in this spirit - the spirit of our group - all who want to open their souls to this deep experience of Catholic Culture."

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  1. Waiting for more information on what would be a remarkable faith-filled and faith building experience. A brilliant idea!