Friday, March 17, 2017

Servant of God Francis Xavier Ford: American Bishop Killed in Communist Prison

Did you know of this saint?

Pray for his holy intercession.

Name one of your sons after him.  

Hopefully Maryknoll will publish an edited version of his letters and mission reports.


  1. He was not the only American bishop captured and severely tortured by the Communist Chinese. Remember the name Bishop Adolph Paschang, confrère of Bishop Ford, who was jailed and expelled by the Communists in 1952. They left him a broken man. Upon his release he could not walk and lost his ability to walk permanently soon after.

  2. There were other Maryknoll martyrs in China. The first was Fr. Gerard Donovan in 1938, captured and killed by bandits in Manchuria. Many of the early leaders of the order are worthy of canonization. Visit them at God's Acre, Maryknoll's little cemetery in NY. Another great one is Fr. Daniel McShane, 7 years pastor of Loting, China, dead at 39 in 1927 from smallpox he received from an abandoned baby he discovered, baptized and carried to an orphanage. Not to mention the heroic death of co-founder Fr. Price soon after Maryknoll arrived in China.