Monday, March 27, 2017

Rome Quotes

"Spotted at mass at St. Agnes today: three birettas in the sanctuary and rose-colored vestments with blue and gold orphreys; in the nave at least two bow ties; a man in a three-piece suit; a woman in a big Kentucky Derby-style hat; mantillas; one elderly man with pocket watch, fob and chain on his waistcoat; a girl in Converse sneakers and leggings; a woman in a bright pink fuzzy angora sweater, and a young matron in a flowered full 1950s circle skirt with crinoline. The mass music was Mozart with full orchestra in the loft and choral soloists; the architecture 18th century Austrian, the mass 1970 but in Latin, and the rubrics and vesture closer to 1570. And it was all timeless and heavenly."

-Matthew Alderman 

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