Friday, March 17, 2017

Montini, Ora Pro Nobis!

We are all seeing him in a new light.

Like him or hate him, at least he was Catholic. 


  1. The current pope quotes Montini more than any of his predecessors.

  2. Miss him? Not in a trillion years.

  3. Miss the early years of Paul VI (1963-68) YES, because despite the Novus Ordo, in the Vatican, before the promulgation of the Moto Proprio "Pontificalis Domus" everything still looked like the times of Pius XII. The Pope still wore magnificent liturgical vestments often, wore papal slippers, cardinals used the cappa magna, and there were always the red, purple and black capes cardinals,bishops and priests. There were still 10 classes of Monsignors, each with their own distince color and cut of cassock, there were still Papal Canons, and the Noble Guard, Papal Gendarmes, and the Price-Attendants at the Papal throne. Clerical shirts and plastic collars were unheard of. Everyone wore the cassock or habit, and most Orders of nuns still wore either the traditional habit in Italy, or only slightly modified.
    After 1969 and Pontificalis Domus, all the vesture for Cardinals, Bishops, Canons, were suppressed (but no order to do away with them....they were just allowed to fall out of use). Everything was simplified with vesture, and the "clergy suit" slowly made its way into the Vatican.
    Paul VI up until 1968, yes. After....not so enthusiastic. But he was to the end still far better than what we have now. Hopefully the next Pope in a year or two will be better....not worse.