Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Rev. Jacques Hamel: Requiem!

Photo Credit: New St. Thomas Institute.

Born in 1930.  Ordained priest in 1958.

A priest named James (Jacques), martyred on the Feast of St. James (the first Apostle to be martyred) in the same manner that St. James was slain, in the Church of St. Stephen (Étienne), the first martyr. 


  1. Requiescat in pace Christi ...
    A real martyr of the faith, killed (beheadedwith knife) because he was a priest, at the end of his mass, still wearing vestments : he has to be beatified.
    May God forgive his assassin.

  2. He was killed in hatred of the Faith and because he was a priest. He is a true martyr: may he pray for us now he enjoys his reward in heaven.

  3. "In his old age, the priest embodied a civilization that has been betrayed by a generation whose hymn was John Lennon's 'Imagine' — that there was neither heaven nor hell but 'above us only sky' and 'all the people living for today.' When reality intrudes, they can only leave teddy bears and balloons at the site of a carnage they call 'inexplicable'."

    -Fr. George Rutler