Saturday, July 30, 2016

Martyr for the Faith!


  1. The funeral mass of Fr Hamel will be celebrated next tuesday august 2nd at 2 pm in Rouen cathedral, by its archbishop. The ceremony will be fully broadcasted by the french catholic channel KTO and you can follow it on your PC or smartphone :
    Pray for this martyr of the faith, may God forgive his murderers. Requiescat in Pace Christi, dona eis sempiternam requiem

  2. I'm a bit uneasy when it comes to such impromptu canonizations. The declaration of martyrdom is an official step in a canonization process. We can hope that Fr. Hamel is indeed in Heaven, but we should not portray it as a fact. St. Alphonsus mentions a would-be martyrer who apostatized only moments before his head was entirely severed. He was almost there...