Sunday, August 31, 2014

What a Galero Looks Like

This was the galero rosso of Cardinal Sarto, who later gave it to his friend, Card. R. Merry del Val, his Secretary of State and the first person he created cardinal.  Now kept at the Pius X Museum at Riese, his birthplace.  The color of the felt has faded over time.  An interesting piece of history.     


  1. Cardinal Merry del Val was a very holy man. He and Pius X were close friends and collaborators. His cause was begun in the 1950s but has been stalled. I don't know why but this man should be considered for beatification and canonisation.

  2. Pius XI allowed him buried in St. Peter's Basilica grottoes.

  3. See my comments in an earlier blog entry regarding the lost cassock of Pope St Pius given by Cardinal Merry del Val to our then diocesan seminary Ushaw College near Durham (now closed)