Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Requiem for a Roman Priest: Fr Jean-Marie Charles-Roux Passes Away At Age 99

The first time yours truly met Fr Jean-Marie Charles-Roux was at the Rome FSSP chapel in 1998.  A truly charming, funny and interesting man.  From the old school.  A talented raconteur.

The last time I saw him was at San Giovanni in Oleo.  Such a personality he had.  He was a fine priest and a holy man.  Everything he said was interesting.  A fount of knowledge.  He knew history.     

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  1. His father François Charles-Roux was the last Ambassador of France to the Holy See just before World War II - his Memoirs are quite interesting. His sister is novelist and editor Edmonde Charles-Roux (born in 1920, still alive) who was the spouse of Gaston Deferre, mayor of Marseille and socialist Interior minister when Mitterrand was president. Requiescat in Pace Christi.