Saturday, August 30, 2014

God and Suffering

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  1. Very good. Thank-you.
    I have my own way of putting it: SHIT Happens! Let me explain. First, I start with the premise that ALL of creation is under the curse of sin, to include every single living thing on this planet and the earth itself.
    Second since we are sinful and flawed, bad things will happen to all of us. Zero exceptions. Therefore all of us will have shit (bad things that we seemingly did nothing to deserve) happen to us.
    Life IS unfair. Deal with it.
    God, our creator has zero obligation to explain His actions and plans to us, Full stop. And who do you think you are that God has to tell you why He acts the way he does?
    God has zero obligation to shield us from the natural consequences of our own stupidity. Build your house in a flood plan, it is NOT God's fault or problem should you get flooded out. Mishandle a firearm; God will NOT stop the physics of that firearm sending a bullit some where to hurt or kill an innocent person.
    There are times that the ONLY way to teach you, you idiot, is though suffering.

    Now none of us like to suffer. But we all will suffer. So again be prepared to deal with it, and have the faith when it does happen.