Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What is Wrong With this Picture?

1970s liturgical banner. 

Per fortuna most of this is behind us.

Some blame the last Council for ugly vestments and bad taste.  But the poor taste had been festering for years.  

Many have suggested since the end of WWI.  From Anglo-Saxon countries.

The brutality of the war ended but created a generation of fascist leaders and then idealistic intellectuals and finally expressionist artists who twisted the human form into inhuman shapes and colours in an attempt to convey their disorientation.

We see the effects in this image.  It came to touch church art.

War shatters man's sense of the natural order of things. WWI changed Europe.


  1. I don't blame the Council for ugly vestments, but I blame the [completely unnecessary and destructive] Second Vatican Council for misleading people and empowering dissenters through its ambiguous documents and the whole sick "spirit" that swirled around it and was bought into by numerous clergy, religious, and laity and down forces down the throat of everyone else. Sadly, although now we have a pope who wisely is trying to use a "hermeneutic of continuity" angle to stabilize the Church, if you read the Papal speeches and writings on Vatican II from Paul VI on you get quite a different picture of men who really thought we had to move on away from the past and that the [pre-determined success] of the Council's "New Springtime" was so unarguably evident and a supposed fruit of the Holy Spirit.

  2. Yes, I often think of the horrors of WWI and its social aftermath as being a battering-ram which pounded on the gates of civilisation. It disfigured the gates, but they held.

    WWII and its aftermath - particularly from one minute past midnight on 1st January 1960 - was when the battering ram broke through and the barbarians took hold of the City.

    A return to authentic Goodness, Truth, Beauty - in a world, Love - will make us whole. The greatest entry point for these, that is, the Most Holy Trinity, is always at Holy Mass.

    Thus, save the Liturgy, save the World!

  3. The liturgical movement posed some awful vestments posing as "monastic."