Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Bishop

Image abruptly caught on a smartphone?

 Almost.  Maybe this is why he feared the sedia gestatoria?

John Paul II was consecrated bishop at age 38 in 1958, thanks to the signature of Venerable Pius XII, of holy memory.

Clearly his greatness was seen then at such a young age. 

He received the news via telegram while on a camping trip.  This his how his friend reacted.  


  1. Awesome...Viva JP II

  2. Apparently the Holy Father would run his decision by the communist government for approval before appointing a bishop back then. It turns out that he ran 6 other men by the communists, all of whom were rejected, and they thought Karol Wojtyla was a high minded academic who wouldn't cause any problems. The joke is on them, God had his way.

  3. Just like a theater or football star. God and our Lady help us all