Thursday, October 25, 2012

Untold Story: Christians Under Attack

Image from the Internet. 


  1. Sadly, this story doesn't make the headlines in the mainstream media, unless it involves Jews, or Muslims. I am not anti-semtic or anti-islam, but this is the truth. God bless! John K.

  2. Sadly, too, is the fact that some of the biggest persecutors of Christians are the Israelis, a fact that Mr Sekulow's website quietly ignores. But it is not ignored by the rest of the world, excluding of course the USA, which contributes to the persecution by their one-sided dealings in the Holy Land.

    If we are going to address the persecution of Christians - which we should - then it has even-handed, and it cannot include those Jews whose hatred of Palestinian Christians is there for all to see who want to see it.