Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pope in India

Il fanone del Romano Pontefice - insegna pontificale unica che identifica la persona del papa.

"Grazie a Monsignor Marini per questa reintroduzione coraggiosa,
che simboleggia lo scudo della fede, le polemiche saranno molte, ma la liturgia deve riscoprire sempre le sue antiche tradizioni." 



  1. Ma quali polemiche? A parte Orbis Catholicus, il forum di Cattoliciromani e pochissimi altri, della reintroduzione del fanone non se n'รจ accorto nessuno. Men che meno se ne accorge il fedele medio.

  2. This photo is right on the cusp of the changes: Still wearing full pontificals, we see the maniple in the Missal, the Pope having just kissed the Gospel reading for the day, the Pontificale rests on the altar; Concelebrating priests are behind what seems to be an altar facing the congregation, bedecked with microphones... How disconnected it all seems now to me.

  3. I think those are the 6 new bishops he consecrated at an outdoor mass in Bombay.

    Microphones had been present on altars long before Paul VI. I remember seeing pictures of microphoes on the altar with Pius XII as celebrant.