Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Hermeneutic of Continuity"

The premier papal vestment.

Many thanks to Kosciol Na Starej Fotografii on Facebook.

Fanon explanation can be found here:


  1. '60s meme is ending!

  2. Ironically, and I could be wrong, but I am guessing the papal fanon made an appearance in each decade except for 1990-2010. Blessed John XXIII and the Servant of God Paul VI reigned in the 1960s; Blessed John Paul wore the fanon, I am thinking, early in his reign.

  3. Did John Paul I ever wear it during his short reign?

  4. I went thru my papal archive photos. The last time that I could see Paul VI wearing the fanon was during the apostolic journey to India in November 1964. I have posted photos

    The fanon was definetely absent during the closing Ceremony of the Second Vatican Council in December 1965.

    The compilation of photos showing popes wearing the fanon is quite dramatic. Even though kind of sad when you realize that John Paul II reined for 27 years, celebrated hundred of masses, and only used the fanon ONCE! and that was only because of his (then) Master of Ceremnonies, John Magee.

    I am curious if Benedict XVI will use the fanon at every Pontifical Mass he celebrates from now on OR will he use it on high holidays only?

  5. Very very good to see its' return. The photos look excellent and show a continuity between Pontificates. Very happy about this.